We are Osbourne Media

OSBOURNE MEDIA is a multi-genre production studio based in Encino, CA. We make edgy, meme-worthy, kick-ass unscripted content that even Granny will love. Led by reality television superstar Jack Osbourne and Executive Producer Peter Glowski, Osbourne develops shows like a Saville Row savant— using a bespoke, small-batch technique that has helped us craft countless hours of hit primetime television series, pilots, and presentations. Our series aired in over 100 countries for premiere cable networks and premium online distributors, partnering with networks like A+E, MTV, CBS, Fox, NatGeo, Discovery, and TRVL Channel, to name a few. At Osbourne Media, we love what we do and can’t wait to entertain you.


Jack Osbourne

President, Osbourne Media

For over 20 years Jack Osbourne has grasped America's attention. Leaping into the world of entertainment on MTV's Emmy-winning reality series The Osbournes at a young age, the show not only put the unconventional Osbourne family in the spotlight but also introduced Jack - full of authenticity and resilience - to the world.

Setting the stage for Jack’s pursuits, his journey into the unknown struck a chord which humanized the fear and excitement of supernatural encounters. These included his daring exploits on ITV's Adrenaline Junkie, where he led audiences through extreme adventures across the globe, as well as his eerie explorations in America's most haunted locations on SYFY's Haunted Highway

His fearlessness to embrace new experiences took him to the dance floor on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, where he showcased his adaptability and tenacity. On CBS's Armed and Famous, Jack took a leap outside of his comfort zone, earning Deputy status and proving his commitment to personal growth. These experiences, both thrilling and challenging, revealed Jack's multifaceted character and readiness to step outside the entertainment sphere. His curiosity about film, TV and production led him to create a documentary about his father, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, which appeared in the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival. In acclaimed documentary he portrayed his father's life. Throwing himself into the sector of behind the scenes had him oversee the production of shows such as NatGeo Wild's Alpha Dogs and Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne, displaying his talent for storytelling and commitment to quality content. This led to the creation of Osbourne Media House (OMH) and his role as President of the company. OMH is set to release a variety of podcasts, shows and further entertainment that will fully embrace the authenticity, veracity and many personalities of the entire Osbourne family.

Jack returned to the screen with more relatable, humorous, and captivating content in A+E's Ozzy and Jack's World Detour, TRVL network's Portals to Hell, and The Osbournes: Night of Terror. Discovery+ series such as Fright Club, The Osbournes Want to Believe, Jack's Night of Terror and Portals to Hell, were incredibly successful, further solidifying his standing in the industry. His upcoming appearance on FOX’s Special Forces, once again push Osbourne to the ultimate test of physical, mental, and emotional resilience. In addition to appearing on the wildly popular FOX series, Jack will soon launch his most recent podcast Ghosts and Grit where he has discussions with celebrity friends about various topics from thrilling adventures, paranormal activity and more. He is actively involved in charities such as National MS Society and Race to Erase MS and is a father of 4 beautiful girls. Jack's ventures, both on and off-camera, have consistently portrayed him as organic and refreshing because of his authentic nature.


Peter Glowski

Vice President of Production and Development

Peter began his career in Chicago, developing his skills through a small film school, educational production materials, and working on commercials for high-profile brands such as Disney, AT&T, and McDonald's. Influenced by the Second City's writing and improv programs, he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to further his career.
In Los Angeles, Peter quickly became an integral part of the production community, working alongside esteemed producers and dedicating countless hours to both production and development. His collaborations with industry giants like 495 Productions, BBC Worldwide, and Endemol laid the foundation for a diverse portfolio that spans across unscripted formats, including notable hits like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," "Deal or No Deal," and "Dancing with the Stars." 
Peter's knack for storytelling and his innovative approach to development led to his role as Executive Producer for critically acclaimed Osbourne Media projects such as A+E's "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour," and "The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne," a SXSW official selection in 2020. Peter's commitment to pushing creative boundaries saw him at the helm of DISC+'s "Portals to Hell," achieving the network's highest-rated premiere and captivating audiences across three thrilling seasons. His vision and leadership continued with the success of "Jack's Night of Terror," now in its eagerly anticipated second season on TRVL, HBO Max, and DISC+.
Moreover, Peter's versatility extends to producing specials such as "The Osbournes Watch Party" and "The Osbournes Night of Terror," alongside internationally acclaimed specials "Haunted Homecoming" and "Buried Bloodlines." His directorial prowess is highlighted in the deeply personal "Sharon Osbourne: To Hell and Back," a massive hit for Fox Nation. Additionally, Peter has made significant contributions to the music industry by producing EPKs and an archival documentary for Ozzy Osbourne’s Grammy Award-winning "Patient Number Album."
In late 2023, Peter and Jack Osbourne pivoted towards original content creation and podcasting. Collaborating closely with Jack, they crafted a visionary multi-year plan, launching "The Osbournes Podcast" and producing a prolific video podcast series "Ghost and Grit with Jack Osbourne" and "The Madhouse Chronicles with Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Morrison." This strategic shift not only leveraged the iconic Osbourne Family brand but also underscored Peter's ability to adapt and innovate in an ever-evolving media landscape.
Away from the camera, Peter is kicking it in the tranquil suburb of Valencia with his wife and two sons. He cherishes outdoor adventures and is an avid snowmobiler, finding solace and inspiration in the snow-capped mountains of Utah each winter.